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A,B,C,D are four points in the...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello friends for us a question we see that a b c d are four points in the space and satisfy a lot of a b equals to pre-order PC equal to 7 model CD = 2 11 and modern approach to life Mod basically means a magnitude ok and then value of AC and BD is that similar to find out the value of a CD PD ed chat let me draw a diagram first store in discussion we have a quadrilateral ABCD red and a ha ha a BS3 vector b c a 7 b c d s 11 and vector ds9 and to find out vector is see that means this fact that factor BD

write that means this vector product of two vectors ok Snapchat to find out vector actor being right now I can write it is factor is seen as vector DC - 80 feet road is triangle ABC again here this point is seen this point is gyan year a and S letter is like this site so for this AC I can write Inspector ECS factory DC main Sector D year is actually the resultant of vector a and easy right I can write from this triangle at b a b a + vector b is

equal to vector DC right because the resultant of two vectors effective from here I can write it better easy is equal to vector DC - ok value of AC here so I can I tractor AC tractor DC - vector a and vector b d s - Sector D be sent because when we it affected by 180 degree a minus sin basically effective leaders like disconnected we will be like they said they will be bhoot Palit But in opposite direction this is vector BD then did that is the parallel with opposite factor will be - vector BD it or you can Radisson sector the UK from here at ha bi bi s b Sector D be right

now from here I can write it better better BD is equal to Sector - 17 d b into my decided that is directed the a.db - 20db detector DC rate BC read I think we multiply D Sector - 33 perfect IDC iitb not better now in triangle if I use cosine rule that I can write that cause of angle will be equal to 80 sorry vector d a square + b

square minus vector a b square and his whole divided by two vectors a vector a similarly if I use this cosine rule in triangle P again I can ride it cause of entity will be equal to Vector 3 c square + b square minus b square and its whole divided by 2 sector d c dot vector DP now let's come back to this equation from here we have a better AC not vector BD equal to dot product of two vectors sites that will be basically model factored into more of vector TV into cos of angle between two vectors latest angle

delayed or motorcycle angle 88 - not DC rate should be -30 is also Mod of vector TV into word of vector DC into cos of angle between those two vectors and that is actually equal to angle this is a final value of a seat at DD Plex amplified is now hear this Angle B is basically angle ADB and hear this angle D is basically angle BTC rate this from here I can put the value of cos of angle ADB and from here I can write the value of cos of Angle B D so I can replace this cause of angle ATP as this thing and cause of angle BDPS this whole thing

replace values alright for letter replaces elucidation become model of DNA into Mod of DB in to cause of angle ADB final cost of angle ADB as a square + b square minus b square and whole divided by 2 DJ into DB minus near December come DC into DP discourse of angle bdc be and find out as PC square + b square minus C square whole divided by 2 PC into DB ok so here dntp will be cancelled out and your answer DC and we will be cancelled out right to finally have a square in our factory is given

to the question is 98-369 square + b square minus sector a b square sale is given to a street lights of these will be slightly square - and this is also the right minus C square sweater DC is given to 11 tips that will be Levin square minus b square plus minus b vector b is given to a se7en will be 75 / to slash open this packet so this will be 81 -9 + Sector D B square -11 Samiti 121 + 49 minus b square and a small / Tu Soya h d b square will be

cancelled out and 81 + 49 that is equal to 130 and minus and medicine 21 is also 12139 this is basically equal to zero light so we got the value of vector is not vector B ds0 right so this will be an answer that is the doctorate of atom will be Hero ki answer I hope this will help you thank you

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