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A,B,C are three matrices of the same order such that any two are symmetric and the 3^(rd) one is skew symmetric. If X=ABC+CBA and Y=ABC-CBA, then (XY)^(T) is



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Updated On: 27-4-2021

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symmetricskew symmetric`I-XY``-YX`

Answer :
Solution :
`(d)` `(XY)^(T)=Y^(T)X^(T)` <br> `Y^(T)=(ABC-CBA)^(T)` <br> `=C^(T)B^(T)A^(T)-A^(T)B^(T)C^(T)` <br> `=-CBA+ABC=Y` <br> `X^(T)=(ABC+CBA)^(T)` <br> `=C^(T)B^(T)A^(T)+A^(T)B^(T)C^(T)` <br> `=-CBA-ABC=-X`



00:00 - 00:59hello students today's question is let a b c are three matrices of same order such that any two are symmetric and the third one is skew symmetric if x is equal to a b c plus CBA and Y is equal to A B C - CBA then x-y whole transport and then we have given for options ok so we are given three mattresses and these are of same order out of which any two are symmetric and the other one third Wallace cute symmetry ok ok let's start the question if A and B are symmetric then a transpose will be equal to a and the transpose will be equal to b and c is future pregnancy C transpose will be
01:00 - 01:59equal to negative of this is clear now we are given that x is equal to abc + c b and B are asked to find the value where also given the value for why which is equal to a b c minus C B and B are extra find the value for x-y whole transport so we know the property in every hole transport is equal to be transposed a transport SUV in open it with the same properties of x-y whole transpose will be equal to Y transpose and 2x transport the first was fined by transport value by transport will be transpose of why so ABC - CBSE school transport as this
02:00 - 02:59transports is linear so here we can write ABC transport - TV a transport will become equal to C transpose B transpose a transpose -81 sports bi transport agency transport transpose is equal to a b transport is equal to b and c transport is given equal to minus of season 2 - similarly the value of this will be a and positive value then this is equal to 5 why was given equal to A B C - CBSE this is equal to
03:00 - 03:59buy from here we can see that why transpose is equal to negative not Negative positive by ok now move towards finding expands it will be same way a b c plus c v a hole transport this will be equal to abc transport + c transport RC transfer SBI transpose a transpose plus8one sports be transferred C Transport Service equal to minus C B minus b c if you take a minus comment so it is equal to minus of APC plus c be clearly visible that extra Pole is equal to negative of X
04:00 - 04:59cooking so we will put the value of x and y transpose in equation equation was xy full transport is equal to Y transport X transport to the value for why transpose is equal to buy an expansive equal to minus of X so the value of x y whole transpose is coming equal to minus of y x 9 letters in the option which is correct to have clearly the fourth option is the correct option value of x y whole transport is equal to minus b this is the correct answer thank you

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