AB is a chord of y2=4x such that normals at A and B intersect at C(9,6) and the tengent at A and B at point T, find (CT)2/13

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The correct Answer is:A

Normal at A and B intersect at C(9,6) which lies on parabola. Equation of normal is y=tx+2t+t3. Since it passes through C, we have
T1+t2+3=0 or t1+t2=3,
t1t2t3=6, and t1t2=2.
Now, AB=(t21t22)2+(2t12t2)2
Area of triangle ABC=12∣ ∣ ∣t212t11t222t21961∣ ∣ ∣
= 20 sq. units
Equation of AB:y2t2=2t1+t2(xt22)
Or (t1+t2)y2t1t22t22=2x2t22 or 2x+3y+4=0
Distance of AB from origin is 413.
Line AB meets axis at C(2,0) and D(0,4/3)
Area of ΔOCD=4/3 sq. units

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