Aakash bought vegetables weighing 10 kg. Out of this 3 kg 500 g is onion, 2 kg 75 g is tomato and the rest is potato. What is the weight of potato?


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and everyone questions part vegetable surveying 10 kg out of 3 kg farmers onion 2kg 75 tomato and the rest is potato what is the weight of the potato so is not total vegetable of weight 10kg and out of the 345 when it comes to an end to be 75 grams tomato recipes potato is the weight of potato so what will 2 years we will add the feet of onion and tomato and this edition from the total weight that is a 10 kg weight of the weight of potato is so first of all we will this 3kg 500 gram into supports that 1 gram = 1000 so Android
equals to 500 5.0 50 kg the weight we can write a onion ckg sunna ho theek hai ji sirf 500 kg we can write 8.3.5 007 3.50 kg now similarly if we convert gram
that will be 75 x one that gives us 7575 Defined by a thousand cuts 0.075 3 sunao the weight of home right here weight of tomato 2 kg plus 0.015 2.0 75 now we have converted into kg now we add the weight of potato and we will get weight of potato
onion that'll be 2.0 75 kg we will get 5.75 now find the weight of potato weight potato that we as the sum Total weight that is out of date will be in total -55 Total weight is -5.5 kg is so if we subtract and we will get 4.4
36000 answer hai rate of potato 4.4 to 5 kg or vacancy for KG 25 gram this is our answer

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