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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `r_1 -> cr_1 ; r_2 -> ar_2` <br> `r_3 -> br_3` <br> `1/(abc) |(a^2 + b^2 , c^2, c^2),(a^2, b^2+c^2, a^2),(b^2 ,b^2 , c^2 + a^2)|` <br> `r_1-> r_1- r_2 - r_3` <br> `1/(abc) | (0,-2b^2 , -2a^2),(a^2 , b^2 + c^2, a^2),(b^2, b^2 , c^2+ a^2)|` <br> `-2/(abc) |(0,b^@,a^2),(a^2, b^2+c^2, a^2),(b^2,b^2 , c^2+a^2)|` <br> `r_3 -> r_3 - r_1` <br> `-2/(abc) |(0, b^2 , a^2),(a^2, b^2+ c^2 , a^2),(b^2, 0, c^2)|` <br> `= -2/(abc) [ -a^2 |(b^2 ,a^2),(0,c^2)| + b^2|(b^2, a^2),(b^2+c^2, a^2)|]` <br> `= -2/(abc) [ -a^2b^2c^2- a^2b^2c^2]` <br> `= -2/(abc) (-2a^2b^2c^2)` <br> `= 4abc=`RHS <br> hence proved

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determinant of equal to optional for ABC option BSE + BC + CA + b + c the was auctioned in an offer to find the determinant of a given Matrix equation given a square + b square B square + b square + c square by what will do it to solve this first we will do certain row and column operations to make it simpler the first operation that will do

change row then Arturo we changed can see that is common X R2 and R3 change x divided ABC multiply and divide with these terms will be equal to P don't multiply and divide the sum the determinant value is changed by the scalar quantity so then we have the term CC into CC square

element method through x SBI soyabean to be square and again to get x 20 gets cancelled we get in get the next operation that will do it on the first to change R1 as - 2 - result of let's write the elements of this is equal to 1 by the first was changing a square + b square minus get cancelled and what remains

what remains -2 b square in the third column c square minus A square minus A minus 2 is the second and third row remain unchanged when it has it is that is least square + c square square square b square square + the First row -2 is common to visit outside equal to minus 2 by zero ki where is square B square + c square

square operation that will do is on third row Matrix equal to minus 2 by third changes so square minus zero square B square + c square minus A square will be get this is what remains now we can do the

five equal to minus 2 by ABC let's start with the determinant operation your column x square minus b square because its second column into the third column is element is a square in 200 square into square + get

equal to minus 2 by ABC will open on the bracket minus b square is square c square this is the come on multiplying then minus b square + a square B power for the next term will open the bracket your we have a square b square upon x minus A square B power 4 x square minus b square x square minus A square b square c square minus b square minus b square

-2 square is equal to minus 2 by your behalf or that of the numerator and denominator if we can cancel Square One Veer men's final answer that remains is equal to four the options answer that getting option A4 ABC ABC answer

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