A wire of length a is cut into two parts which are bent, respectively, in the form of a square and a circle. The least value of the sum of the areas so formed is (a^2)/(pi+4) (b) a/(pi+4) a/(4(pi+4)) (d) (a^2)/(4(pi+4))



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Updated On: 1-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello student today question is a wire is cut into two parts which are bent ok respectively in the form of square and circle at least at least value of the sum of the show is formed as Surya to find the least value of the sum of the area so let's see how to solve this one OK what square is there ok this One X + cyclist this one is reduced if you became a ok the sum of area so 4 x + 25 equal to 2 find X equal to yah -25 so to find acceleration right so
01:00 - 01:59sum of area capital equal to bhaiya square + x square circle that what is Koi area so is it ok for a square + x square x wali here so this one is yah -25 Hotel by the whole square Pakistan this is the capital so you have to find the least value here so I am going to take different shit ok I am take Division with respect to our ok so it will became is 12 plus ok to into a minus 25 order
02:00 - 02:59by 16 into minus 25 ok so - 25 - 25 cancellous 4 OK then this is the equation that 4 it will be came for WhatsApp ok bye into yeah - to hold your order we will get a plus 25 it is there so we are they know that the year by Dr equal to consider Oppo Pi into a minus 2 by 4 equal to
03:00 - 03:5925 ok ok so so I am going to cancel this one so Wi-Fi cancel so we will get the 4 will be right inside it will be came yah Mahina 25 equal to yeah ok students so I am going to find a equal to 8 plus 254 Ashok common here here for taking outside so I am going to find area so then secure sorry hi going to find the early here so what is the R value to find our value here
04:00 - 04:59are equal to yah bhai this I'm taking to outside 2 into 4 + 5 right so this is our value ok student then I am taking this equation ok so I am taking this equation X equal to sequel to a -25 ok because from this time come this I'm taking a horse to IIT BTech 2-2 are equal to we will also it to a equal to 5
05:00 - 05:59plus 4 Students so and security so a sequel to this one so it implies a tour by Vikas -25 are -25 are we can return as a ta so I'm writing a tour by using this equation here ok this equation using here just a turbine photo sahit X equal to to work right so we all know that you are value here so I just sitting here so yes equal to a valley is a by 5 + 4 so I found here it's very near ok so I am going to find the least value so I'm
06:00 - 06:59taking once again differentiate on this so this for you dear equal to 25 - 5 by 4 into minus 2 I am taking this to 5 minus minus plus and 2.3 ok cancer ok 518225 + Y square by ok this one is positive response to this positive it is minimum please value soccer students that 4 I am going to use it in total sum of area so yah equal to
07:00 - 07:59square + 4 x value here so i r square + x square is square Vikas access to all access to a r square square ok you are the whole square so Pi R square + 4 square M taking a square of side Aaj Koi house Hospet outside it is 5 + 4 if you come like this ok student so we all know that your value right are well you already know that a by to hear this is the Haveli Haveli here I am going to use it here so I am going to use it here that the values
08:00 - 08:59became yes Koi bi bhai plus for the whole square into 5 + so multiple multiple cancel we will get the value yah call to yes Koi by 4 into 5 plus 4 Students so this is the answer the totals are total area OK so the answer is 4.5 plus 4 option B is the correct thankyou students

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