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A wall is 12 long and 4 m high. There is a rectangular window measuring 2.5m by 2m in the wall Find how much it will cost to paint the wall at the rate of Rs 22 per sq. m.


Text Solution

The correct Answer is Rs 946


I want 12 metre long and 4m are there is a rectangular window measuring 2.5 m b in the wall find how much it will cost to paint the v at the rate of rupees 22 per square metre in this question the length of the wall is this is a length that is 12 m and 4 metre height for it is for M height now we will draw since it is a rectangular shape for we will draw window having the dimension 2.5 M long it is 2.5 and 2 m height that is 2.5 M and 24 we have to reduce the area of a window because we have to print only the wall so far we will try to find the area of whole wall
then we reduce the reduced the area occupied by the window so area of wall is equal to land into breath Solan tips for M and breadth is 12 m so we get 48 square now we will calculate the area of Window area of area of Window will be plant into breast that is 2 into 2.5 square which is equal to m square now we will reduce the and find the effective area so effective area effective area is the area which PDF to paint effect area is equal to 48 m square minus 5 square which is equals to 43 metre square the cost
1 metre square is 22 rupees 443 metre square cost to paint the effective area will be equal to 43 into 22 which is equals to is equals to 946 rupees so the total cost is 946 this is a answer


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