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A variable circle which always touches the line x+y-2=0 at (1, 1) cuts the circle x^2+y^2+4x+5y-6=0 . Prove that all the common chords of intersection pass through a fixed point. Find that points.



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Updated On: 17-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Hello African all question is a variable circle which always touches the line X + Y - 2 is equal to zero at one hour one cut the circle X square + Y square + 4 x + 55 - 6 is equal to zero we have to prove that all the common cause of transaction password point where to find that point but the question says he'll always a straight line business exercise 2 is equal to do with attention to this variable circle and its Axis at 11 and the Ripper circle circle that is excess carbon y square + 4 x + 596 is equal to zero then there is one common chord that passes through a fixed point we find that points for will put you first we will find the equation of a circle then you will find equation of Chord then you will find in this point in that manner will put gif
01:00 - 01:59first circle this is my circle and tangent to the circle that line passes through it is this this line is the tangent equation of tangent is given that is X + Y - 2 is equal to given at 811 one commerce one and another circle circle that this is my another circle is one circle only this is my as a circle and it is to be the common chord this will be the common chord what are the circle from here suppose this code is a
02:00 - 02:59bi do we have to find a fixed point by the find equation of common chord to be know that the equation of common chemical equation for the equation of variable circle given that is access square + Y square + 4 x + 5 Y - 6 is equal to view and this is my variable circle equation of a circle is given by If a line is given and point is given X1 comma y12 this can be given by X is equals to x minus x square + Y - Y1 whole square + Lambda l is equal to zero
03:00 - 03:59find it to pass the value so point is 112 the S1 is equals to x minus 1 whole square + Y - 1 whole square + Lambda line is X + Y - 2 = 20 and 22 this will be Aage consolidated only to now equation of the circle is given that is as to as to this is given to X square + Y square + 4 x + 5 5 minus 6 is equal to zero find the equation of common chord that is equation of common chord equation of common chord ab this is given by S2 - 1 is
04:00 - 04:59equals to zero from here as 2 - 10 - 2 X square + Y square + 4 x + 5 Y - 6 minus x minus 1 whole square + Y - 1 whole square + Lambda X + Y - 2 is equals to zero to solve this this will be accessed square + b square + 4 x + 5 Y - 6 - X square + 2 x minus 1 minus y square + 2 Y - 1 and from here is a b minus x = - minor splendor
05:00 - 05:59plus two Lambda is equal to zero x square and this exercise be cancelled is y square by spell will be cancelled due to the server 64 X + 2 x 6 x minus Lambda xplus 7 by minus y minus 8 plus two Lambda is equals to zero and from here sixsix clustering bhai - 8 x + 2 Y - 2 is equal to zero to this is my equation of Chord that passes through the intersection common chord of the circle that passes through a fixed point phenomenon to find that text point pick point This is one line and this is equation of another this is L1
06:00 - 06:59+ Lambda l220 this form to find fixed point from here by solving this equation is two line so this will be x x + 7 Y - 38 is equal to zero and X 2 - 6 X + 6 Y - 12 is equal to zero is plus minus Cos A minus b + this will be cancelled 66 is to be Y + 4 is equal to zero the from here were triggered by the equals to minus x + Y - 2 = 10 b = 2 - 4 x is equals to fix point pick point 6 -
07:00 - 07:594ac to show that they are to be here prove that all the record passes through a fixed point and fixed point is -4 answer thank you

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