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Different Products Of Vectors And Their Geometrical Applications


A unit vector a makes an angle...

A unit vector a makes an angle `pi/ 4` with z-axis. If `a + i + j` is a unit vector, then a can be equal to

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : `Let veca= xhati+yhatj+zhatk` <br> Given `|veca|=1` therefore, <br> `x^(2)+y^(2)+z^(2)=1` <br> Angle between `veca` and z-axis is `pi//4` , therefore, <br> `cos (pi/4)= (veca.hatk)/(|veca||hatk|)`<br> `z=1/sqrt2` <br> `Now veca+hati+ahtj= (x+1)hati+(y+1)hatj+zhatk` <br> Given that `veca+hati+hatj` is a unit vector. therefore, <br> `|veca+hati+hatj|=sqrt([(x+1)^(2)+(y+1)^(2)z^(2)])=1` <br> `x^(2)+y^(2)=z^(2)+2x+2y+1=0` <br> 1+2x+2y+1=0 <br> y=-(x+1) <br> from (i), we have <br> `x^(2)+(x+1)^(2)+(1//2)=1`<br> `Rightarrow 4x^(2)+4x+1=0or(2x + 1)^(2)=0` <br> `x=1/2 Rightarrowy=1/2`<br> Hence,` veca=-1/2hati-1/2hatj+1/sqrt2hatk`


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welcome to ab so this is the question a unit vector I unit vector a makes an angle pi by 4 with their taxes if a + IPS cap is a unit vector then a can be equal to that there is given a vector a but not has not been determined the vector equation of it so I'll assume a to b x ICAP + 2 J cap + z k cap and it has been given that a unit vector magnitude of a vector Satyapur what will be the what will be the magnitude X square + Y square + b square is equal to one connect so having been with the angle between a vector and ZX ZX its 54 angle between

vector A and Z axis is pi by 4 correct show Bengali given by cos theta Cos pi by 4 is equal to what is the formula Kik app the Z Axis Direct tax is denoted by K cap a vector magnitude into caps magnitude so it would be said is equal to 1 upon root 21 12 sunao a vector a vector which was ICAP + jcap can be given by X + 1 ICAP + Y + 1 J cap + z k cap

since a vector is equal to I + J is a unit vector so the magnitude would be a vector + b vector ICAP + 2 J cap topi magnitude under the root of X + 1 whole square + Y + 1 whole square what is one whole square + Z Square so now it will be equal to one because magnitude is one unit vector if I solve this I get X square + Y square is equal to Z square + 2 X + 2 Y + 1 correct super transport what do I get I get 1 + 2 X + 2 Y + 1 is equal to

zero super find the value of Y from Y is equal to minus x + 1 show apart transport the values what do I get in terms of why I get X square + X + 1 whole square present value is 1 by 2 is equal to 1 solve this I get open the bracket 4 x square + 4 x + 1 is equal to zero transposon over there so I can see the identity of a + b you here so I can write this as or 2 X + 1 is equal to 2 X + 1 whole square is equal to zero so I have two factors from here which are both same x is equal to 1 by 2 this implies X and Y is equal to Y is also equal to

12 so hence my vector a would become a would become minus one by two ICAP minus one by two check AP sorry it is minus 1 by 2 because I open this minus one by x minus 1 by 2 J cap + 1 by root 2 explanation thank you


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