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Congruent Triangle


A triangle A B C is right angl...

A triangle `A B C` is right angled at `AdotA L` is drawn perpendicular to `B C` . Prove that `/_B A L=/_A C Bdot`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : In traingle BAC and traingle BLC <br>`/_B=/_B`(common)<br>`/_BLA=/_BAC(90^@)`<br>and` BA=BA`(common side)<br>so from AAS RULE `/_\BAC cong/_\BLA`<BR> from CPCT ,<br>` /_BAC=/_ACB`


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question is in triangle ABC is right angled at a URL is not available to BC prove that angle B A L Hamen prove karna hai this angle angle BAC is equal to 12 ACB is equal to sabse pahle triangle abc angle A B L theek hai Hamen Pata Hai Ek rangle Ki Sab angle Kasam 180 ki Khol hota hai yahan per likh sakte hain Angle B A L + angle A + angle b is equal to 180 degree ab Hamen Pata Hai angle is 90 degree Kyunki perpendicular to BC then angle is 90 degree angle b + 90 degree + angle b is equal to 180 degree yahan se Angle B A L ki value kya Gai b l is 180 degree 180 - 90 90 90 degree minus Angle B

triangle ABC In triangle ABC is M Bar Kolkata wali tikki ko laga to that means angle A + Angle B and angle C is equal to 180 degree Pyar Ki Man ki ungali kya hai 90 degree angle b + angle b is equal to 180 degree to yahan se night 1890 - Kiya so this is this yahan se a Gaya angle C is equal to 90 degree minus Angle B and angle C ko Ham ACB likh sakta hai bus giving different Aise Mangalore from your belief that the angle ACB is equal to 90 degree minus Angle B is equation ko Dekhte Ho and its equation with it to you don't equation aapas me equal and every 90 minus Angle B 90 minus angle with Soumya Se Kya sakte hain angle b is equal to angle A ok