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A tank with rectangular base...

A tank with rectangular base and rectangular sides, open at the top is to be constructed so that its depth is  `2m` and volume is `8 m^3` . If building of tank costs `Rs. 70` per sq. metre for the base and `Rs. 45` per sq. metre for sides, what is the cost of least expensive tank?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : The volume of the tank is <br> `2xym^3=8` <br> `2xy=8`<br> `impliesxy=4`<br> `impliesy=4/x`<br> Base area=`xy=x(4/x)=4m^2`<br> Area of four sides=`2xx2(x+y)=4(x+4/x)`<br> Let C be the total cost <br> C=`4xx70+45xx4(x+4/x)`<br> `impliesC=280+180(x+4/x)`<br> `(dc)/dx=0`<br> `180(1-4/x^2)=0`<br> `x=+-2`<br> `(d^2c)/dx^2=180(8/x^3)>0 when x=2`<br> cost is least when the sides are <br> `x=2m and y=4/2=2m`<br> cost of the tank=`280+180xx4=1000rs`


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