A street vendor sells two type of newspapers, one for $0.25 and the other for $0.40. If she sold 100 newspapers for $28.00. How many newspaper did she sell at $0.25?



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Updated On: 13-5-2020

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Solution :
Difficult: Medium <br> Category: Heart of Algebra/ System of Linear Equations <br> Strategic Advice: Use the Kaplan Strategy for Translating English into Math to build a system of equation. Be sure to use consistent units throughout. Use cents (rather than dollars) to avoid having to work with decimals. <br> Getting to the Answer: Call the number of 25-cent newspapers x and the numberof 40-cent newspaper y. Because the vender sold 100 newspaper in total, `x+y=140`. Also, the total cost of these newspaper was $28,000, or 2,800 cents. So `25x+40y=2,800`. The equation asks for x, the number of 25-cent newspapers sold. From the first equation, `y=100-x`, Substitute this value for y into the second equation, solve for x: <br> `25x+40y=2,800` <br> `25x+40(100-x)=2,800` <br> `25x+4,000-40x=2,800` <br> `-15x+4,000=2,800` <br> `-15x=-1,200` <br> `x=80` <br> The question asks for the number for the number of 25-cent newspaper sold (which is x), so you'll all done. Grid in 80 and move on to the next question.



00:00 - 00:59hello guys this is a question from start a street vendor sells two types of newspaper $1 4.25 and the other for Dollar point 40 years old newspapers for Dollar 28 how many newspapers did he sell for point to $5 so let us assume that a be the number of newspapers of point to $5 and B be the number of points 40 dollars newspapers utilising the information from the question we can write that a + b is equal 200 and it is given that she was a total of dollar 28 by selling the newspaper so we can write
01:00 - 01:59to find a plus point 40 b is equal to 28 now we need to solve both of these equations simultaneously writing 2nd 25 A plus 40 b is equals to 2800 and multiplying the first equation by 25 to calculate the value of V for office 225 A plus 25 b is equal to 2515 b is equal to 120 is equal to 20 substitute in the valley of death in the first equation we get that a is equal to 80 sq ft how many newspapers did he sell at poem To $5 clearly answer is 18 papers
02:00 - 02:59thank you

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