A stack of 75 identical plastic plates forms a column approximately 9 (7)/(8) inches tall. At this rate, which of the following is closest to the number of plates that would be needed to form a column 20 inches tall ?



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Updated On: 1-6-2020

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Notice the relationship between the height of the stack of 75 plates and the height of the unknown number of plates : `9(7)/(8)` inches is abot half of 20 inches. Put another way, a 20-inch stack of plates will be about twice as tall as a stack of 75 plates. Therefore, it's logical to deduce that approximately twice as many plates, or about `2 xx 75=150,` will be needed to form a stack 20 inchese tall. Hence, (B) is correct.



00:00 - 00:59hello the question is of 75 identical plastic plates from a column approximately 9758 inches tall at this rate which of the following is closest to the number of place that would be needed to form a column of 20 so let's take it this way that represent that 9 and 7 by 8 inches Kolam require 75 identical plate ok 75 place so we can write 978 75 place so one play one in would require 75 / 9758 please
01:00 - 01:59ok we have been asked that what is the 20 inch tall column could require how many place ok so we will have x 20 on both of these side will have 20 inch would require 2012 require 75 / 9758 into 2575 / 928 last 78 ok so solve it will get 12000 in / 79 and when we solve it it would be approximately so
02:00 - 02:59Desu 20 inch Kolam requires Samsung to B1 51 151 show it's approximately 150 so it's it saying that approximately so it would be a 150 play ok I wanted to say that is given as being the question thank you

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