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Class 9






Surface Area And Volume Of A Sphere


A sphere and a cube are of ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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returns the question state satisfied and Cuba of same height find the ratio of their volumes would be option is 3 is to 4 up to 20 21 to 11 Oct in css3 and D S 1121 ok so as their right has same that means the diameter of sphere will be equal to the length of you ok that means we have d is equal to help we can also say that are that is equal to 2 hour to hour is equal to l i will be equal to help I to ok so now we have to calculate the ratio of their volumes and we know that the volume of sphere of any radius R is

4 by 3 by 4 cube and the volume of a cube with the length of the as a URL is l'cube ok let denote the volume of Sphere as vs and denote the volume of cube SVC so it will be 4 by 3 by 4 cube / help you are we can put here the value of Rs Alma to here so we get 4 by 3 into 5 into our will be Albert to bol / l'cube ok so it gives us the value of vs PVC has 4 battery and to buy and 2lq by 8 /

ticket cancel out so we have the value as 5 by 6 so we have vs my wishes Bible sex and if we put the value of pi is 22/7 we have 22 by 7 and 26 value for BS vi VC comes to be 11 by 21 ok that we can say that the ratio of volume of Sphere to the volume of cube is equal to 11 is 221 so this is required solution to the question thank you

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