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Problem Solving And Data Analysis


A soccer team has played 25 ga...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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it is Saturday soccer team has faith 25 games right and has won 60% of the game has played write the number of games we will go step by step for the question that number of one is 60% of 25 so that its 15 games right so the team has played 25 pins and as 115 games that lost 10 games right out of 225 played game set as 115 games and lost 10 games what is the minimum number of additional came City must must win in order to finish the season with the games respect that means it will play a few number of games more and Al with 80% this 20% games if it will be the earlier it is already lost right to this loss 10 games with thanks to the next 20% of the game that the team must

loose or 80% of the game the team must win so the next twenty percent will be constituted the 10 games it is lost right so that the number of games played PS2 games on the number number of games played that BX plate = 2 X right and the games and just like I said this 10 games concert you 20% of the game that it will be lose up to 20% 20 out of 100 in total number of games played X = 210 from Texas value will be 50 so the total number of games in the team will play is 50 games alright and 80% of the 51 number of games number of games to be one is 80% We Will calculate 18% of 50 right into 50 so that is 40 games

games have to be one over and it has already 115 games early life so the number of additional game city must win the additional number of games will be 40 - 15 so 25 games write so in addition the team must win 25 more years to complete the series win 80% of the games right so the answer is 25

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