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A series of concentric ellipses E_1,E_2, E_3..., E_n are drawn such that E touches the extremities of the major axis of E_(n-1), and the foci of E_n coincide with the extremities of minor axis of E_(n-1) If the eccentricity of the ellipses is independent of n, then the value of the eccentricity, is



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00:00 - 00:59hello students today occasion is a series of concentric lips E1 E2 E3 and n are drawn such that it touches the extremities of the major axis of E and -1 and the foci of N inside with the extremities of the minor axis of E and -1 if the central city of the ellipse is independent then the value of the recently City we have a b c d option is given here so we have to find which option is correct year so we can grow hair to lips that is one n -1 and S is even here so our first released this year and second ellipse is outside of it so we can draw it here for this is origin here 0 0 and B have the point
01:00 - 01:59hair this is origin and receive e n 10 point then and there is point This is equals to a and this is equals to be this length is equals to 3 and -1 and this is N -1 and this length is be here so we have to ellipse BDS is equal to a dash and in the negative access we have a day so we have drawn the ellipse now we can solve the questions we can write B dash is equals to a and from here we can ride Bidar square is equal to the square and B have equal to 8
02:00 - 02:59Bidar square is equal to a square minus A square into a year and Square so we know that a dash is equals to be so we can write a square is equals to b square divided by 2 minus b square from here we can write square is equals to b square and this is divided by a square into 1 minus A square and this is equals to 1 minus C square whole square here so on solving this we get oneplus square is equals to plus minus and from here we can write
03:00 - 03:59is equals to minus 1 + under root 5 / 2 or we can write is equal to under root 5 minus 1 divided by 24 this is our answer here so we check which option is correct option B is correct a thank you

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