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A sample space consists of 9 elementary outcomes E1,E2,..,E9 whose probabilities are
Suppose A={E1,E5,E8},B={E2,E5,E8,E9}
(i) Calculate P(A), P(B) and P(AB).
(ii) Using the addition law of probability, calculate P(AB).
(iii) List the composition of the event AB and calculate P(AB) by adding the probabilities of the elementary outcomes.
Calculate P(B) from P(B), also calculate P(B) directly from the elementary outcomes of B,



highest interest questions given us a bit consists of nine elementary outcome event in whose properties are here it is given below all probability of event to email support equal to 75 82 2589 wap to calculate p p p and P intersection b solution part air pollution papa part 1 to calculate period what will be it will be even if I will be even a pipe po8 what are the value you are even we can 3.0 pop 5.1 3.07 this is
point 15.1.2 point happy we are similar way we can calculate it is equal to poe2 bod5 po po EN no YouTube have point zero 5.1 equal to 9.07 into 2.14 is equal to point 18 plus point 14.3 ab to calculate p o a intersection b calculate P of intersection b intersection b what are the common element e58 here also 95842 PO e58 Vittal Vittal 25
point 1 8.07 this will be cal 2.1 plan in the first part 2 second part it are using the addition law of probability calculator PO a union B according to additional or Piyo a union b is nothing but a b minus C o a intersection b every have already 3 value to be found of 12 5.3 2.67 equal to sorry not picturren it is point 17 point that will be equal 2.7.17 this point 40.4
second part coming to third what what were the composition of the event a union b a union B composition will be what are the element in a union B will be even 5889 it will be YouTube define 889 Pyar to know we have to calculate a union b by adding the probability of the elementary outcome that means that to add each outcome that we have to write here even poe2 sport5 pod8 p o p 9 copy of even recall topi of YouTube what is the value
point 0 to 2.16 what is your fever 53 of 5.1 and what is 38 and 39 this is equal to in 2.7 ft 12.07.19 bhi call 2.40 from second part of 2.40 and 3.4 has been verified or answer is correct for partner report part that is yet to find calculate TV complement from TV P B complement to calculate from PV complement with nothing but 1 - TV equal to 19.3 to equal to point second part wap to calculate
elementary outcome of the compliment for crop elementary outcome of B complex what will be the complement element which are not in b what we have 8589 will be 733127 and Isaac these are the five element in the complement adding the elemental proper probabilities wicked Po Po Po Po Po Po Jaisalmer call to Jeevan your 7.0
what is POP3 3.1 what is your 484 also what is E7 and they are equal and it is equal to point to point to point This is equal to point to point 4.5.6 2.68 as we can see in the students are required to have verified answer and divide


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