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Class 12






Permutation And Combination


A round-table conference is to...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : (i) Let the two particular delegates who wish to sit together be treated as one delegate. So we have 19 delegates who can be arranged on a round table in (19-1)!, i.e., 18! Ways. <br> After this, the two particular delegates can be permuted between themselves in 2!=2 ways. Hence, by product rule, number of required arrangements is `2xx(18)!`. <br> (ii) The total number of arrangements of 20 delegates on a round table is 19!. <br> Hence, the number of arrangements in which the two particular delegates never sit together is `19!-2xx18!=18! (19-2)=17xx18!`.

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hello everyone so the question given is a Round table conference is to be held among 20 delegates belonging from 20 different countries in how many way can be fitted to particular Gates are there always to sit together never to sit together so there is a two part in this question let's find out the solution of this question first of all there are 20 delegates which will be seated on a roundtable suppose in according to first condition this together these are always together so we will count them as one remaining 18 so total delegates will be counted in first case will be 19 this we are talking about first case also for Cyclic permutation we know that formulas and -

factorial so here NS 19 so there 419 - 1 factorial that will come out to be 18 also this delicate can interchange in each other so that two ways of seeing this to delegate that you were 18 factorial in 22 so this is the answer for first case now let's talk about the second case if I talked about the second case in second case it is given note to cal never sit together so that the 20 delegates as we know and we know and -1 is cyclic permutation for that it will be 19 factorial so this will be the total number of way of sitting 20 delegates now as it is given by

to find the required numbers of way to never see each other required number of ways will be equal to 9 factorial -2 seats in each other and we have already find it here that is 18 factorial in 22 that will come out to be 17 into a 3 factorial and that is our answer second part 17 and 18 factorial thank you so much everyone

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