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A room is 12.5 m long and 8m w...

A room is 12.5 m long and 8m wide. A square carpet of side 8m is laid on its floor. Find the area of the floor which is not carpeted.



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Updated On: 30-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59question a room is 12.5 M long at in and 8 m b a square carpet of side 8 metre is late on its floor then you have to find the area of the floor which is not competent so here we have to find out this area this area so here this ABCD represent tea room and hear this P Q R S is the carpet so here we have to simply find out the area of this section so here the required area that will be equals to hear that will be equal to the area of the rectangle which is a b c d - area of the square which is P Q R S ABCD is the room and then pqrs is the carpet so here it is area of area of the a b c d - 8 is area of area of
01:00 - 01:59P Q R S Sofia the area of ABCD ABCD is a rectangle show the area for that one will be the length and to breath and hear the length is given to be this one which is 12.5 M and breadth is this one which is it so it will be 12.5 in 28 - the area of the square pqrs Soya it is a square show the formula for its area will be close to the side square Sohail side side of the square is 8 M why we get simply it and then square sunao ki simply solve it so he often we multiply these two number ever get 110 - 8 square is 18 28 and that will be 64 so here we get is equal to 36 and the unit hear the unit is M so we get answer in metre square so that is m square and that's the answer

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