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Conic Sections


A rod of length 12 cm moves wi...

A rod of length 12 cm moves with its ends always touching the coordinate axes. Determine the equation of the locus of a point `P` on the rod, which is 3cm from the end in contact with the x-axis.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Let `AB` is the rod with length `12` cm. and`P(x,y)` is any point such that,<br> `AP = 3` cm and `PB = 12-3 = 9` cm<br> we can draw perpendiculars from `P` to X-axis and Y-axis at point `R` and `Q` respectively.<br> Then, `PQ = x` and `PR = y`<br> Please refer to video forthe diagram.<br> Now, in `Delta PBQ`,<br> `(PQ)/(PB) = cos theta`<br> `=>x/9 = cos theta ->(1)`<br> Now, in `Delta APR`,<br> `(PR)/(PA) = sin theta`<br> `=>y/3 = sin theta ->(2)`<br> Now, squaring and adding (1) and (2),<br> `x^2/81+y^2/9 = cos^2theta+sin^2theta`<br> `=>x^2/81+y^2/9 = 1`<br>,which is the required equation.<br>


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