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A ribbon of lengh 110.5 m is c...

A ribbon of lengh 110.5 m is cut into equal ribbon pieces of length 8.5 cm. Find the number of ribbon piees thus obtained.



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Updated On: 30-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone so the question is everyone of length 110.5 M is cut into it will Ribbon basis of length 8.5 cm find the number of Vivian faces does open so let's find out solution first of all we have 105 and 8.5 CM convert this into the M we know that 1 cm is equal to 1 by hundred metre than 8.5 CM will be equal to 8.5 divided by 100 therefore it will be equal to zero point 08520 decimal will come after to delete 0.05 M 8.5 cm equal to 0.085 now we have total length 110
01:00 - 01:595 metre and we have to divide it into the 0.085 Lat Lat Lat the total number of ribbons piece is equal to X we are letting if this is less than 110.5 M will be equal to X into 0.085 m because it is cut into two equal parts of 0.085 me now if you want to find out the value of x then it will be x is equal to 110.5 M / 0.085 remove the decimal first for that it will be
02:00 - 02:59110 500/10 1 decimal 10 now we have three decimal then it will be divided by 1000 this and now we will get 585 in 2010 0 will be cancelled from 0 now we just have to solve this equation for that if I sold 85100 051 85 it will be one carry over from here 10 - 55 and one carry away 25 if I take 5 year 85 nothing but 170 and 80530 255 255 so from here I am getting 1313 in 200
03:00 - 03:59will be equal to 1300 so that is our answer we will get 1300 pieces if we cut 110.5 metre length into the equal parts of 0.085 thank you so much everyone

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