A rectangular reservoir is `120 m ` and `75 m` wide. At what speed per hour must water flow into it through a square pipe of `20 c m` wide so that the water rises by `2. 4m` in `18 ` hours?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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are 120 metres and 75 M bi at what speed does water flow into it through a square pipe of 20 CM light solar water rises by 2.5 m in 18 so it draw a diagram for the rectangular Reservoir and dimension this time 120 and 75 this dimension 120 metre length and 75 m angry have a square Pipe and the square pipe cross section of the square pipe this is 20 CM 2017 automatically because its square pipe the breath also become 2020

22.4 to calculate the speed of the water rises for 2.4 feet take this is 2.4 M the height of 2.4 M they are asking if this is the water harvesting what time does it work feat Masjid Lo so that this water is filled within 18 hours of time they require the dimensions of preserve we have length is equal to 120 equal to 75 and the height height needed to fill water 2.5

the volume of 2 into 2 equal to 120 into 75 in 22.4 it is equal to this 21600 this is the volume of water is the volume of water is automatically become the volume of a supposed latest at the speed of 2 metre per hour and we know that time frame is already given as a teenager and what is the distance distance speed

time distance 18 into 18 M now if you take the pipe pipe is 20 cm and 20 CM so we have to calculate the volume of the pipe so that we know the field in which the water is flowing to the volume of the pipe is but length into breath into height so height is the distance distance travelled by the water dispenser as a penis length and breadth typist am because it's the square pipe so length is 20 cm and breadth is over 20 cm and height we have 18 as if we convert cm to M 0.2 into 0.2 into

18724 the volume of water if you take this diagram the volume of water that is travel through the pipe is the volume of water that is calling in this if you take the volume of Pipe and this time the board should be equal volume of water in the pipe is nothing but the volume of water in tank volume and 0.32 600 is equal to zero X equal to x is equal to 2 100004.72 and if we calculate this week 30008 metre per hour

Ambulatory to the Diamond Itni convert 30000 metres to kilometres by dividing 1030 km per hour speed required to fill the tank

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