A rectangular parallelopiped is formed by planes drawn through the points (5,7,9) and (2,3,7) parallel to the coordinate planes. The length of an edge of this rectangular parallelopiped is



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Updated On: 23-5-2021

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234all of these

Answer :
Solution :
Since the parallelopiped is rectangular. Therefore, the lengths of the edges can be obtained by subtracting the corresponding coordinates. Thus, the lengths of the edges parallel to the coordinate axes are <br> `5-2=3,7-3=4` and `9-7=2`



00:00 - 00:59today question is a rectangular parallelepiped is formed by planes drawn to the points 579 and 237 parallel to the co-ordinate Axes connect Planes the length of NH office rectangular parallelepiped this Palo pipe is formed by planes drawn through the points 235/237 579 right and these are parallel to the co-ordinate plane is also to be right here it is formed by the Planes drawn from the points 579 and 237 flight and where to find the length of the edges of the rectangular parallelepiped and we know that all Palo pipes are rectangle so we can say that let ABC
01:00 - 01:59the length of Ages will write a letter a b c d the lengths of Ages right then we can say that the subtraction of the corresponding coordinates that means here we have 5 and yet to so I can we find out using 5 - to subtract the corresponding coordinates for EA access 7 - 3 and 4 seater v9 -7 so this will give us a is equal to 3 b is equals to 4 and C is equals to 2 that means 234 all are the edges of the people that means option for is the correct answer that all of these are the edges of the given to us thank you

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