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Three Dimensional Geometry


A point with z-coordinate 6 l...

A point with z-coordinate 6 lies on the line segment joining the points (2, 1, 2) and (6, 0, 8). <br> Find the coordinates of the point.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : `[(14/3", "1/3", " 6)]`


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how everyone today are question is a point with Z coordinates 6 lies on the line segment joining the points to 12 and 6085 need to find the coordinates of the point the first of all let me explain the question using a diagram heard the let there be a straight line with the endpoints are the record in it started to come on come on the question and other end point that at this point is be that is with the coordinates 608 this let the point is dividing the raised the joint of Ab in some reason and RF having the co-ordinate Z coordinates as 612 using the other coordinates X coma coma 6 and also let us assume that are is dividing the joint a b in the ratio 3 is to 1 if I need to find the value of x and y coordinates of the point

organised to find the value of the ratio first of all IT find out I am in the Section formula and using the Z co-ordinate that is 6 is equals to 8 + 1 into 2 k + 1 = 26 K + 6 is equals to 8 K + 22 simplifying come to ke is equals to 4 and the ratio becomes 2 ratio 1 ratio is coming out to be 2 ratio 1 so applying the section on to find the value of the coordinates of x as well as why I am a plan that is 2 into 6 into 6 + 1 into 2.2 plus one simplifying become 12 + 2 upon 3 that is equals to 4 3 upon 3711 calculate the value of Y using Section formula that is 2 ratio 1 2 in 20

+ 1 into 1 / 3 that will become 1 by 3 so here I can write the coordinates of our as that is that spawned 14313 dividing the line of AP in some ratio answer thank you