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Three Dimensional Geometry


A point with y-coordinate 6 li...

A point with y-coordinate 6 lies on the line segment <br> joining the points (-2, 3, 4) and (6, 10, 18). <br> Coordinates of the point are


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`(10/7, -6, 10)``(-10/7, 6, -10)``(10/7, 6, 10)`(0, 0, 0)

Answer : C


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hello everyone today 8 question is a point with the y-coordinate 6 lies on the line segment joining the points - 2 3 4 and 6 1018 the coordinates of the point are let me draw the diagram explain the question that the line segment with the end points are given in the question this is having the endpoint status let the first point is a - 34 and the other and pointed having the co-ordinate b36 come 1018 given that a point that say the pointer C having the y-coordinate as 6th Let The Other coordinates are X6 and Z is lying on the line segment joining the points so first of all letters to find out the value in which the point C is dividing the joint of A and B are in the ratio is scary so15 using the

web of the y-coordinate and applying the friction formula to find the ratio at will be equal to 10 in 2 k + 1 into 3 / ke plus one to solve the value of k letter sample for the equation X square + 6 is equals to 10 ke plus 3 for simplifying for the value of k that will come 4K is equals to 3 then the ratio becomes 3 ratio 4 the value of k 3 upon 4 the ratio 3 ratio 4 now if I need to find the remaining coordinator at is X and that of the point C by using the Section formula for let us find using the Section formula that is the x-coordinate will be equals to 3 into 6 plus 4 into minus 2 by 3 + 4 simplifying it will become a 3 - 87 that is equals to 10 of

17 project coordinator standard 17 and applying the Section formula already the y-coordinate everyone that is 6 and we need to find Z corner applying the same Section formula that is 3 into 3 into 8 plus 4 into 3 into 3 + 4 into 4 divided by 3 + 4 simplify it will become 54 + 16 / 7 simplifying become 78.7 therefore the point that is coming out to be 10 for the coordinates of the points are honitus 10.7 upon 7610 this is the answer thank you