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Introduction To Three Dimensional Geometry


A point R with x-coordinates 4...

A point `R` with x-coordinates 4 lies on the line segment joining the points `P(2,-3,4)a n d\ Q(8,0, 10)dot` Find the coordinates of the point `Rdot`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Let `R` divides the line joining `P(2,-3,4)` and `Q(8,0,10)` in ratio `k:1`.<br> The, coordinates of `R(x,y,z) = ((kx_2+x_1)/(k+1),(ky_2+y_1)/(k+1),(kz_2+z_1)/(k+1))`<br> Here, we are given x-coordinate of `R` that is `4`. `:. R(4,y,z) = ((8k+2)/(k+1),(0-3)/(k+1),(10k+4)/(k+1))`<br> `:. (8k+2)/(k+1) = 4=> 8k+2 = 4k+4 => k = 1/2`<br> So, y-coordinate` = -3/(k+1) = -3/(3/2) = -2`<br> z-coordinate ` = (10(1/2)+4)/(3/2) = 9/(3/2) = 6`<br> So, coordinates of point `R` are `(4,-2,6)`.<br>


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