A point moves such that the sum of the squares of its distances from the sides of a square of side unity is equal to 9, the locus of such point is



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Updated On: 26-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is a point moves such that the sum of the squares of its distance from the sides of a square of side unity is equal to 9 the locus of a point letters try to understand this question with the help of a diagram see this is my kotteshan play ok now where I am having a square on it is my square A bi Si Di I noticed that the side of Unity square side is unity that means one unit other sites of this we have written to find the locus of the point that is moving right so say we will take a point here that is P&L Squadron it will take as it's ok now from here in the side the services we are taking As given and this distance you are taking as De to Delhi distance by taking as D3 and assistance we are taking
01:00 - 01:59the four ok ok so it is given that the sum of the squares of this distance is equal to 9 that means what we can write is that the one square + b square + 3 square + b square this thing is given to us equal to 9 now look at the diagram what is the one we have taken this point that means this point Peele help ok that you're still here the distance is what till here we are having the distance as it ok that is the one is the cistern sorry what is the contest at writing and displayed at least square also what is the wife coordinator for the cytoskeleton is this much distance is what it is ke Satin hair I can write ki and I know that the whole this distance is one ok this length of the side is one and this much is case what is this this will be what it will be 1
02:00 - 02:59- ok and then this is what this is corresponding to de to that means is distance D2H what is this one minus 3 Y + 1 - ke because of square and a square + b 33 is what is the distance ok now see this much is what this much we know it is equal to 1 and out of this this much part that means this much part is what it is x then what is this obviously this part will be what it will be 1 - h How much part this much part of this much part is going to be 1 - H and we can see that this is what this is D3 distance on this much I am going to write here 1 - X whole square then + depo what is before it is ke I am going to write square equal to 9
03:00 - 03:59going to use a formula that is a minus b whole square A minus b whole square is equal to a square + b square minus 2 a b ok so this will become a square + 1 + K square - 2 k + x square + 1 - 2 X + Y square equal to 9 ok on simplification what are we getting your this is equal to 2 X square + 2 k square - 7 - 2 k - two equal to zero by the equation by 2 then we will be getting a square + b square minus A minus x minus 2 equal to zero ok now the required for its coordinates for what is in order to find its locus heaven to replace this H by x and y
04:00 - 04:59y in the above equations were going to get the locus and X square + Y square minus x minus y minus 7 by 2 equal to zero ok so this is the required answer thank you

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