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Mensuration-i (Area Of A Trapezium And A Polygon


A plot is in the form of a rec...

A plot is in the form of a rectangle `A B C D` having semi-circle on `B C` as shown in Figure. If `A B=60 m\ a n d\ B C=28 c m ,` find the area of the plot.


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hello Google latest start the question the plot is in the form of a rectangle ABCD having a circle on BC as shown in figure if ab = AC and DC colour 28 find the area of the plot and this is given a 28 so that means this radius R of the semicircular path will be called upon to that means 28.2.19 or we can write 20.1 for cm into

plus area of the circular path that means find account to because this is this is semicircular this is equal to INR to bdt 0.28 + 1 upon 2 into 22 upon 7 Rs 0.14 into 0.14 equal to 16.8 0.008 weekend 16.0 8 16.3 thank you