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Class 12






Three Dimensional Geometry


A perpendicular is drawn from ...

A perpendicular is drawn from a point on the line `(x-1)/(2)=(y+1)/(-1)=(z)/(1)` to the plane `x+y+z=3` such that plane `x-y+z=3.` Then, the coordinates of Q are

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`(-1, 0,4)``(4,0,-1)``(2,0,1)``(1,0,2)`

Answer : C


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hello everyone legs are the question the question is that perpendicular is drawn from a point on the line x minus 1 upon 2 is equal to Y + 1 upon 1 minus 1 is equal to that of the plane Y + Z is equal to P such that x minus y + Z is equal to 3 then we have to find the coordinates of the point P X and Y coordinates and from point P to the point is it can be hard to find the coordinates of the first of all creation of an equation of plane we can find the foot of the foot of X2

is equal to minus y is equals to Z 2 - Z1 upon C is equals to minus A X + b y 1 + 1 + 1 upon a square + b square + c square considered as equation now we have already given the equation of line to we have given equation of line is given by x minus 1 is equal to Y + 1 upon 2 minus one upon Z equation of line is x minus 1 upon 2 + 2 Y + 1 upon 1 minus y is equals to Z upon it as what we will do next

baby get X is equals to 2 Y + 1 then why is equals to minus Y and Z is equal to the point of XYZ coordinates the coordinates of the as pr2 plus one minus and point as the plane in the question where lying in X + Y + Z is equal to this point is line so to the plane to the plane X + Y + Z is equal to

A to Z to the point of X1 Y1 and that is a point but the point 3 question number 1 so what we get we will get X 22 we should be = 2y 2 + 8 + 1 upon 1 is equals to how is equals to equation is -1 and in the plane a is B is one and is minus x + Y + Z n t is 3 upon 3 now this

is equals to minus of what is X 1 + 1 and retrieval is Bible is minus minus 3 upon 3 so what we get - it will be to our cancer Chhotu are minus 3 upon 3 minus 2 upon 3 minus 3 what we will do it MI X2 - 2 = 2.2 X

2.1 equals to 2 upon 3 X + 2 + 2 + 12 + 4 are upon three years of a y to y 2 + 8 + 1 is equal to 1 minus 2 upon 3 now Y2 - 2 + R + 11 - 23 that will be equal to Y to be equal to one will get 22 - 53 do with the z2z to minus 5 is equal to 1 minus

2 upon 3 now for Z2 z3 Tizen Z2 plus are after solving Z2 is sensitive will be equal to 1 + 1 upon so what we get X2 what we will get X2 white zz2 these are the points of coordinates of right here so coordinates of cube 2 plus 4 what is the coordinates of coordinates of X2 + 4 + 4 Y and Z 2 is oneplus R3

and this is lying on which plane we can see with this set is fine which play x minus y + Z upon 3 now so this is 9 replies in the plane x minus y + Z = to know what we will to write in as it will become the value of what it will be cup minus y + 3 + 1 + 3 and between equals to it will be 2 + ministry cancer so it will be 10.0 that is now baby put the early in the coordinates of unilateral

this so what we will get back to you soon get coordinates of 20 now which option is correct so option number thank you


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