A parallelogram has a perimeter of 96 inches, and 1 of its sides measures 16 inches. If it can be determined. What are the lengths, in inches, of the other 3 sides?



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Updated On: 11-6-2020

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16, 16, 4816,24, 2416,32,3216,40,40

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59the question is a parallelogram has a perimeter of 96 cm and one of its sides measures 16 inches if it can be determine what are the lens and inches of other three sides first of all what is parallelogram parallelogram is of the kind where the opposite sides are parallel this is a form of quadrilateral whose opposite sides like this and this these two opposite sides and these two opposite sides are parallel and also equal so if it is x this will also be X and if it is Why This will also be why perimeter of parallelogram here will be X + X + Y + Y that is 2x + 21 and it
01:00 - 01:59is given that one of the side is 16 inches so let X equal to 16 inches and perimeter of parallelogram is given as 96 inches for 96 inches is equal to 2 X + 2 Y that is expelled is 16 to 60 + 2 y 12 equal to 32 + 2 y and 96 - 32 equal to 25 26 - 32 will be 64 is equal to 2 wire and wire will be equal to 64 by to that is equal to 32 this is other side that is 32 inches so our other remaining three sides will be other three sides will be x vi that is 16 32
02:00 - 02:59and 32 this is answer and the correct option here is see

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