A manufacturing company makes two models A and B of a product. Each piece of mode a requires 9 labour hours for fabricating and 1 labour hour for finishing. Each piece of Mode B requires 12 labour hours for fabricating and 3 labour hours for finishing. For fabricati2 and finishing, the maximum labour hours available are 180 and 30 respectively. The company makes a profit of Rs. 8000 on each piece of model A and Rs. 12000 on each piece of Model B. How many pieces of Model A and Model B should be manufactured per week to realise a maximum profit? What is the maximum profit per week?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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in this version support experience of model a&y pieces of modern tree are very effective for each model a request 9 labour and a model Tere class 12 letter of for fabricating their features of model a&y 1982 9 X + 12 x + Y equal to 180

model a required for labour and software required by labour finishing but not equal to 30 now the profit from model 8008 to talk about other model be that for model be jealous of the total profit from of model a features of model 350

4 x pieces how a y pieces of the that will be 8000 plus 8008 + 12000 so that is over maximize now subject to the constraint subject to the conference + 4 x +

3 Y equal to 30 X and Y equal to 4 the region Defined by the can be diagrammatically you can say you can say on graph that will be represented as Zakhmi ke pass Tantra diagram of the 2020 1226 a and c is common table and diagram

we can write all the components that is and zero comma now we will put the equation there as that equals to 800 of 1000 + 12 agent of wine equal to 1000 x 0 1000 x 0

2012 1000 x 0 12000 X 0 28000 X 20000 now what well commerce six 38000 x 12 2012 1000 x 6 16800 now aur last date 1000

X 0 + 12000 x 10 20000 now this is our maximum value so the value of x = 2 158000 at X equal to 12 and Y = 26 to now has a manufacturing companies could produce 12 of model and 653 to realise maximum profit and the profit 180000 MPOnline

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