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A man invests Rs 9600 on Rs 1...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `22.5%`

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the question is a man invests rupees 9600 on rupees 100 shares at rupees 80 if the company page in 18% divided find his percentage return and so the total investment is given to me 9600 so let's write whatever is given here so it is given that total investment thoda investment is equal to 9 600 rupees and normal state will be given to women's share value sorry share value market value is given to be

so it is also given that rate of dividend 2018 now total number of shares bought therefore total number of shares bought will be equals to total investment made by market value which is equal to 9600 80 which is equal to 120 total

dividend will be close to so if we find the department of one share it will be 18% of normal value Shukriya finding for 120 years to Italy X 120 Titli 120 X 1800 X hundred because the normal 127w cancel it will be 18 18 12 and 18 is 216 and it is 2160 rupees 20 rupees so that we can find percentage return request the formula of Return is income given by investment

X hundred percent 2160 investment was 9600 x 100 percent it will be 22.5% so percentage tennis 22.5% answer

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