A man earns $40 for a period of 5 hours that he works per day. Thereafter , for every additional hour , he earns $5 per hour. If the man earns $P in a day working for t hours, where t gt 5 and is an integer , and P le 60, which of the following sets of value of P and t satisfy the above conditions ?



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Updated On: 11-6-2020

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Text Solution

P = 60 , t = 10P = 55, t = 10 P = 50 , t = 9P = 50, t = 7

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59this is a question that a man on $40 for a period of five was that he works Pade there after for every additional fee on 5 Dollars per hour if the man on speed dollars in a day working for t r where it is greater than 5 is an integer and P is less than equal to 60 which of the following sets of values of p and t satisfy the above suppose you have to do is formed the above conditions in a mathematical form on an expression so that we can test out these values so we are told that we the money that he was working will be equal to 40 which is the monetary get for the first five hours of work
01:00 - 01:59+ 5 x t because for every additional our heroine's $5 but for the first time I was his getting this be a minus b is equal to 40 + 5 into 3 - 5 and see if they satisfy this equation select option A when is equal to 10 is equal to 10 then P is equal to 40 + 5 x 10 - which is nothing but 40 + 5 x minus 5 is becomes 40 plus 25 equal to 65 and
02:00 - 02:59hereby given that P is equal to 60 not equal to 60 we say option in does not satisfy the attacks out all the rest of the office option d option basis is equal to 10 pound is equal to 10 as in the previous right then it is equal to 40 + 5 x because as in the previous step which is 40 plus 25 this game was 65 which is again an equal to the value of P given in b-55 not now
03:00 - 03:59for option see options Jesus is equal to 9 find the value of p at this point and see if this value of field given your fiction so is equal to 40 + 5 x 9 - 9 - 5440 + 5 x 4 message 40 plus find 2420 50 again not equal to use this site and we say she is not an answer because the value of peace do not watch now Lene se option
04:00 - 04:59prove that all these three options around we can actually go and take option DSL if you are running out of time in the starter switch can go for this will prove it to see that refer to confirm our answer option b is equal to 53027 CEO at 27 27 will be equal to 40 plus 5 to 7 - 542 this is nothing but 40 + 10 is equal to 50 and the value of P given in the option is 50 so they are equal and we know that option d is the correct answer that satisfy these this
05:00 - 05:59equation which is the about conditions mentioned in the paragraph

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