A line with direction cosines proportional to 2,1,2 meet each of the lines x=y+a=z nd x+a=2y=2z. The coordinastes of each of the points of intersection are given by



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Updated On: 23-5-2021

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`(3a, 3a, 3a) , (a,a,a)``(3a,2a, 3a), (a,a,a)``(3a,2a,3a),(a,a,2a)``(2a,3a,3a),(2a,a,a)`

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59even today we are going to discuss and more question the question is that align with direction cosine proportional to 21 to meet each of the line X = 2y + Y equal to Z and X + 1 equal to 2 Y equal to 2 Z the coordinates of each of the point of the intersection are given by estoppel here first line is given as first-line can be written f = 2y + 8 is equal to Z so we can write it as a x b a white + z b a 1 and right by my one and one by one line is given here X + Y is equals to 2 Y is equals to 2 Z so we can write this line as X + if we divide complete equation by to so we can write X + 1 by 2 is equal to y by 1 is equal to Z by one year later state the situation in equals to Arya and thus we creation is equals to clear so why simple
01:00 - 01:59speak and write it as here from the situation we can write it as xyz is equals to there are -108 here and from this equation coordinates can be returned and CO2 l - of Asia and l and health Giza coordinates so let's take this point is P here and this point sq so direction direction ratio aap pic you can be written and here to Lambda 2 into 2 into l - of a class are you take this one and one and one and the sun is l2m to end to the direction cosine of PQ can be written as here I'll oneplus l2l oneplus l2m oneplus and 2 and + sorry - 11 - 11 - l2m 1 -2 can be written as
02:00 - 02:59here and minus minus of h + 101 - m to hear this can be written as l - are here these are the direction cosines as in the question given that direction cosine are proportional to align with direction cosine proportional to 212 here so here are given that direction ratios are 212 Shinchan the question given the right direction wish you are proportional to this one so we can write it easier to L by 2 and minus A minus 6 / 2 is equals to minus A + 1 divided by 1 year in this man is equals to l - A / to hear so by these two coordinates speak and write it as your by these two we can write it has yet to l - 2 + 2 is equal to hear and minus Arya by simplifying the speak and write it is here and this one is minus minus 2 Y + 1 = 2 - of h + 2
03:00 - 03:59= 20 and let's take this one is first here and this one is third year so fast and third we can buy it here to Al minus A minus 1 divided by 2 is equal to l - R2 is cancelled with two years by simplifying the speak and write it is this money Kuchh To l Harish cancel out with our students and is implied and equals to a italika square by substituting Value here we can write it as this one can be written and here when we substitute a liquid is equal to am fine art + 2 is equal to zero the sky is pink line are equal to 3 a year so 3 point P is equal to R R - a&r hear it in value of Rs 3 week and write its 33 - 22 and this money quotes 23838 2A and 3A 48 of P similarly coordinator of you can be written as here to our -2 and -1 is eliya to ella - A L and area so by substituting
04:00 - 04:59value of L equals to a week and write its two a minus b equal to a year and this money quotes free and equal to 1 by comparing from option here we get 38283 and 38283 and a is our correct option which is option vs option B is correct answer explanation thanks for watching

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