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3d - Straight Lines


A line passes through the poin...

A line passes through the point with position vector `2hati-hatj+3hatk` and is in the direction of `hati+hatj-2hatk`. Find the equation of the line in vector and Cartesian forms.


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Priya question is a line passing through a point with position vector 2 Y - 3 + 3 k and is in the direction of i + J -2 ke then find the equation of the line vector and cartesian forms so we have already given the position vector and The parallel vector right direction means in the Direction This Is The parallel vector to the line so we know that general form of a line in vector form s r is equal to 8 + 7 x of be tight where is the position vector and b is the parallel vector write 20 a direction vector or we can see the parallel vector direction vector in this question we have given the position vector position vector which is a as 2 Y - 3 + 3 K Tu Lai - + 3 k cap right and the second vector is direction vector direction vector

which is RB vectors a b vector is i + J - 2 k cap write this is what are the vector now we can write the equation of the line in vector form are will be a + Lambda be so as to why - 3 + 3 k cap + Lambda x factor which is i + J -2 ke so I + J - 2 k cap this is what are the vector equation right sunao convert it into the cartesian form this is vector form no ka tation form general equation of cartesian form is x minus 6 1 upon a y minus one upon B and Z minus one upon Si whiteware a b c are the direction vectors and X1 Y1 Z1 are the points to visit

passing so using this equation we can say that the points through which the line is Pasanga 2 -183 because this is the position vector of the line is passing 2 - 132 - welcome plus one minus 3 upon the direction vector regression 28 items -2 case oneplus one and - 2011 and -2 this is what are equation of line in cartesian form right so these are required answer thank you