Class 12






Three-dimensional Geometry


A line makes angles alpha,beta...

A line makes angles `alpha,beta` and `gamma` with the coordinate axes. If `alpha+beta=90^0,` then find `gamma`.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Here `cos^(2)alpha+cos^(2)(90-alpha)+cos^(2)gamma=1` <br> or `" "cos^(2)alpha+sin^(2)alpha+cos^(2)gamma=1` <br> or`" "cos^(2)gamma+1=1 or gamma=90^(@)`


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given that a line makes angles alpha beta and gamma with coordinates and alpha + beta is 90 degree then we have to find the now If a line line making angle alpha beta and gamma with the ordinate Axis then we know that the the direct light of this line will will be cost of cost of Alpha cost of Beta and for the right and the relation between the direction for science is given by cos square alpha + cos square theta + cos square theta is 90 degrees so this implies beta is 90

degree and that cause this will be built a call on both sides then this will be cause beta will be cause of 90 degree find out of 90 degree minus theta is my sin theta so why using this identity here we can write cos 90 minus Alpha sign of Alpha so we have got we have got that cos theta is equal to sign up now in idt in equation which is cos square theta + cos square x cos square alpha remains as it is and place of cos theta can write sin alpha + cos squared theta is equal to 1 now do you know that cos square theta + sin square

is equal to 1 then using this metric identity hair in place of cos square alpha + sin square alpha December 11 + cos squared is equal to work which implies cos squared is equal to zero which implies cost is equal to know that call take value zero at the angle of Pi by 2 Tomay Gama is 90 degree for the required value of Gamma is 90 degree