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Class 12






Three Dimensional Coordinate System


A line L_1 passing through a ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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(a)`sqrt(14)`(b)`(7)/(sqrt(14))`(c)`(11)/(sqrt(14))`(d)None of these

Answer : (b)

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hello students to devar question is a Line 11 passing through a point with position vector P + 2 Y + 2 X + 3 k and parallel to a is equal to I + 20 + 3 k another line and two passes through the point direction B3 i + J + 2 k and the minimum distance from the origin to the plane passing through with battery and perpendicular to the line to a b c d option is given we have to check which option is correct year so we have given here and two line to direction vector so we can write a direction vector offline to offline to this will cause 23 i + J + 2 k and B have given a parallel vector a is equals to parallel vector awful one so this is equals to 1 + 2

+ 3 k this is i + J + 2 J cap + 3 k and we have direction and we have position vector b is equals to and we have given position vector here position vector of K and P is equal to 1 + 2 X + 3 k i + 2 X + 3 k now we find the equation of plane with this equation of plane will be equals to equation of plane is 3 it must satisfy this so this is equal to 3 X + Y as they co-ordinate is one year and plus to Z so this is equal to de so from here we get we have to put the point share this point

parallel to factors we get 3 + 2 J B have 3 + 2 and here is 3 so we get 6 year so this will cause to de Sodi is equal to 11 distance is 11 now we have to find the distance from origin distance from origin is distance origin is equal to the / Avon square + b square + c square so Vihar b is equals to 11 and this is under root 3 square we have here 3 square so this is a year + b square this is one here and c square to square is for sore from here we get and root 11 not this is

equal to 11 and 9 and 114 so this is our answer which at which option is correct a sorry option she is correct a thank you

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