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Matrices And Determinants


‘A’ is any square matrix, then...

‘A’ is any square matrix, then det `|A-A^T|` is equal to :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

01can be 0 or a perfect squarecannot be determined

Answer : C


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is a square is any square Matrix then we have to find the determinant of a minus a transport is equals to minus A transpose if you take the transpose of this ok so they grow according to the property is this is equals to e transport and minus of a transport transport KV No the property that a minus b transport is equals to a transport minus b transport now we can write a it is a transfer and we also know the property that a transport transport fever so we can write this is minus of a minus b minus C transport the transfer of heat transfer is equal to say that this is skew symmetric matrix ok

we know that if a transpose is equal to minus 3 then it is a skew symmetric and if a transpose a which is equals to symmetric matrix we know that the determinant of determinant of skew symmetric matrix is always zero ok if it is a autumn ok if it is equals to zero if it is odd if it is order if the order is order and it is perfect square the symmetric matrix is a perfect square if it is even a perfect square this to property of to learn it perfect square or if it is even or you can also prove it so this is to property so answer will be either 0 or perfect square thank you