Updated on:26/04/2023

A general solution of tan2θ+cos2θ=1 is (nZ) nπ=π4 (b) 2nπ+π4 nπ+π4 (d) nπ



question we have to find the general solution of tan square theta + cos to the word letter write the cost
oneplus that this 10 square theta and then 10 raise to power if this 1 + 10 square theta 10 is this is 10 raise to power 4 plus
Tan Tan Tan Tan get general solution
now let us all other tan theta + 1 = tan theta tan tana I can take 10 plus
latest this is mine 10 theta minus 1 equal to aur
aur and 55 equal to 5 by 4 this is not the solution that is 25 + 5 by 4 + 5 and 8


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