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Class 12






Practice Test 2


A gardener is planting two typ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : D


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gardening planting two types of trees 1 of 1 type is 7 feet tall and grows at a rate of 8 inches per year and the Order type is 4 feet tall and its rate of growth is 50% greater than the rate of the Other tree in how many years will the tree of the two trees with the same height so let's find the growth equation of the height equation of 31 like se left side tree a is 7 feet tall and growth rate equals to 8 inches per year so as the increasing rate is in inches let's convert this also in inches so

we will x 12 because one feet contains 12 inches so it will be 84 inches so height of tree a per year will be equals to 84 plus 8 per years so let's put it excess here you will find out for tree bi which is 4 feet tall and convert this into inches at it as 48 inches and growth is equals to 50% more then create a so that will be 50% of B is equals to 4

rate will be 50% More means 8 plus 4 which will be equal to 12 year and this is also and inches height per year will be equals to 48 + 12 x where X is right around where X is equals to number of years as the height of tree a and height of tree we will be equal after let's say some years should this equation and this equation will have the same value so if we cry both figure 24 blood 8 x equals to 48 + 12 x so if we take the constants to one side and variables to one side

we get 4 x = 2 84 - 48 which is 36 so X will be equal to 36 54 and description of so after 9 years the height of the poem The Trees will be seen because X here represents the number of years answer will be the nine years to here option deep will be the right answer

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