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A gardener is planting two typ...

A gardener is planting two type of trees. <br> *Type A is three feet tall and graws at a rate of 14 inches per year. <br> *Type B is five tall and grows at a rate of 9 inches per year. <br> How many year will it take for these trees to grow to the same height?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : `4`


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where we are told that a gardener is planting two types of trees type 3 feet tall and grow the rate of 15 inches square type b is 5 feet tall and growing at a rate of 9 inches for your how many years will it take for both of the trees to be the same at so first division no that one pot is equal to 12 inches this is the Imperial imperial units this is sometimes the unknown to people this conversion should be known to us now if we convert this 3 feet into inches and 5 feet into inches and we create these two equations we can get something and we can find the value at which

The Year will be the same Govinda item with the same at which value of the year so if we write 3 feet 36 inches calendar three temple and five feet extensors 12925 sunao type a height after access will be 36 + 9 X + 15 x 15

interest for you this in terms of interest now type b height after access 60 + 9 x now and find a value for the both we can aveeno after how many years they will have the same height so 36 + 15 x is equal to 60 + 9 X shooting 36 to the side and 9th of this side we can get six x is equal to 60 - 36 equal to 24 X equal to 6

years is we can write it here as well because it is a great question so we upgraded

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