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A function f :Rto R is defined...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`(sqrt(x-1))/(3)``(1/2 sqrtx-1``f ^(-1)` does not exist `sqrt((x-1)/(3))`

Answer : C

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in this fashion a function app for an hour to hour is defined at x is equal to 3 X square + 1 10 inverse X is this is root x minus 3 this is 1 by 2 root x minus 1 this is bracket close and advanced age does not adjust and put option is a root x minus 1 by 3 now check inverse of a function is possible when it is one one and onto x is equal to this will be equal to 3 X square + 1 or 2 this means that this is domain and this is for domain of a function is exit

give me 3 11 and 12 inverse function and just give it is one one and onto check 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 is equal to App will be equal to 3 X square + 1 is equal to 3 X square + 11 and 1 cancel out will be equal to 3 x square is equal to 3 x square - 3 and 3 cancel out this should be as one a square is equal to x square now

X + 2 real number because this is a domain to rx1 is equal to plus minus at to this function is not this is not 1111 in words does not exist inverse does not exist in what does not exist option is he is correct thank you

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