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Class 12






Continuity And Differentiability


A function f : R→R satisfies t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the question is if the function app from R to R satisfies the equation of x square minus X Y is equal to X + 5 Where xy belongs to our and is greater than zero then we have that f is from our tour and heavier effect into minus of f x Y is equal to X + Y square where our xy belongs to Howrah so here in this question we have that one is greater than zero one is greater than not put as equal to 1 and Y is also equal to 1 on putting X and Y is equals to 12 here we have F1 Sohail f1f 1 - of at 1 is equal to 2

so here we have F1 Apple square 1 - of F1 is equal to 2 aur vacancy now I can write this as that of a square one minus 1 minus 2 is equals to zero to now here we can write the situation as that square 1 - of two F1 plus of iPhone 1 -2 and that is equal to zero so here on this is a quadratic equation so here we have we will have some route so here we have proved that is 1 upon 1 + 1 and S is up of 1 - of 2nd column value is equal to zero from here we have one is equal to minus one and half of one is equal to 2 from here we have that app of 1 is equal to 2 is

true true Sona of foot is equal to 1 so here we have two of effect minus A + B is equals to 2 + have effect is equals to 2 + 3 is equal to so here we have Y is equal to X + 2 from here the value of x is Y - of two so on differentiating both side so here we have that apdascac x is equal to x minus 2 so here we have effect that x is equal to X + 2 into x minus 2

to from here we have effects in 2-3 quotes to cheer on applying a property that a + b into a minus b is equal to a square minus b square to get property here we have a - 4 from here we can say that this is our final answer thank you


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