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Continuity And Differentiability


A function f : R to R Satis...

A function f : ` R to R ` Satisfies the following conditions <br> (i) `f (x) ne 0 AA x in R ` <br> (ii) `f(x +y)= f(x) f(y) AA x, y, in R ` <br> (iii) f(x) is differentiable <br> (iv ) f'(0) =2 <br> The derivative of f(x) satisfies the equation


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

f'(x +y) =f'(x) + f'(y) f'(x +y) = f'(x) `xx` f'(y)f'(x+y) = f'(x ) f(y)f'(x +y) = f'(x) + f(y)

Answer : B


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hello when the problem is f r 2 h satisfy the following condition the first condition f x is not equal to zero X + 2 h s f x + Y = 2 efforts into a y third condition is effects is Indifference and put condition updates of zero cost to the derivative of effect satisfy which of the following now first we take this according to the second equation of X is not equal to zero take another first satisfied as is what s says this thing to according to s v letter function let f x is equals to a function a raise to power x because they raise to power is this satisfy this equation we checked out f of X + Y is what according to this second equation this and right hand side effects into a raise to power x into a raise to power why yes this is correct this is corrected and because a list for X + Y = 2 x 2 X + Y so we let this condition now effect Difference on us this way affected differently because they belong to a real number now what is the

over here this would be a is not equal to zero and this is the condition now here we can see that according to 4th condition four conditions as evidence of zero is equal to 2 now applied this condition to find the value of a f does of zero what is to address of Axis power x + b find evidence of x if average of at least Forex log now here put this condition to solve this problem evidence of zero is equal to 2 is equals to a raised to the power 0 into log a now what is the value of log2 it goes to log a so we can say that this basis we so what is the value of a is equals to e raise to power to if a is equals to 8.2 then what is the function then the function value f x is equal to what effects is equals to a raise to power x raise to the power x this is our function final function now if this is our final function then we can say that the condition which

satisfy this equation now if this is a function which of the following is true first is f does X + by check option A now so what is this option Asus FFCS of X + Y is appointed as first year so address X value is equals to arrest for 2s and differentiation is so what is f of X + by in this option we can directly say that evidence of X + 2 is equal to X + 2 Y and hear this is not an option because after sex value is different hear this evidence of X + Y is equals to 2 raise to power 2 X + 2 Y + 2 into X + Y auto X + 2 Y and now what is the value of x if x is equals to 2 e raised to power 2x and what is updates of why this is a quest to to arrest power to buy from here we can say that if this tour will add this to this and this cannot be equal because if product if fhss into a y then can

possible if had then this is not possible this is not possible adding and this is also not possible to multiplication form if these two are x x 14 is a constant term and here to so 4 and 2 are not this is also not the answer in the correct answer is this because this is says if there's enough of why so what is f bi f why is e raise to power to buy X with a x so this is two types of interest for 2 X + 2 Y and Z is the correct option and is also the tour tour tour + 2 Y so we can say that this is the correct answer thank you