A five digit number is chosen at random. The probability that all the digits are distinct and digits at odd places are odd and digits at even places are even, is


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question is a five digit number is chosen at random the probability that all the digits are distinct ok and disease at odd place airport and digit at ones place is active and all the digits are distinct so therefore we have to say which of the following option is correct so let's find this we know that it cost to favourable cases upon total cases total cases we need to find total cases first total experiment where do we have Vineet 5 digit number how many 5 digit number of possible ok
latest makeup box Pradeep places 1 2 3 and 4 so the first box BF to fill number between 0 to 9 can't feel zero at first place so there are 9 prices after that deputation in digit is allowed ok to get 10/10 ways in which entertainment total cases will be 9 into 10 to the power ok no problem now we need fabrication available 5 digit number the digit number first place this is taken place this is third place this is fourth place this ok
this number all digits should be distinct but this number in total cases it can become CEO and all DJ distinct and visit at all places are called at what place or disobedience to between 0 to 9 there are 5 opposite A57 DG set first third and fifth ok odd number can be filled so in how many ways we can arrange three odd number taken from a number that is 532 event place so there arrangement will be 5 feet 2 entertainment will be 532532 and this will be 50 ok
and this 325219 into this first of chemistry Ipe 3 into 5 feet open 19 to 10 to the power 4

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