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Class 10






Shares And Dividends


A dividend of 12% was declared...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `(i) 180rs` `(ii) 13500rs`

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discuss this question 2 person says a 12% a dividend of 12% was declared on 150 selling if the return rate of return is 10 calculate the value of the ship the amount invested to be invested to obtain annual of 150 watt the question is the question is the nominal value of n dividend person 12 date of Britain is 10% you have to

man well what is a part of the person on that given on on the nominal value should be equal to R is the issue here we can write nominal value is 150 dividend percentage 12 equal to how much we have to calculate 10% is cancelled by 40 cancel 2015 into 12 is equal to 18 so

is equal to answer this is now part of the question the amount to be invested to obtain annual did of 15 now if a person invests how much rupees rupees 150 rupees he has to invest 118 if a man by then post has been with boarding one now

David 15012 1300 cancel perfect 10 to 12 10 will also can you can calculate B 26 x 25 x 5 will be equal to what is cost is so we can say is a when invest so please dividend will be a when we invest 180

now we have to earn as a dividend 1350 1312 will be on 18 / 15 by 80 10 10 10 into 1350 will give 13005 this will be you have to delete this is your from my side thank you everyone have agreed

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