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Class 10






Gst [goods And Services Tax]


A dealer X in Hapur (UP) suppl...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : Rs. 19,600 and Rs. 14,000

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student at start with a question we have a dealer in Hapur up supplies the good services What rupees of 50000 to some other Tila why in the sympathy of the device apply the same goods or services to the steelers that in Kolkata to profit of 20010 find the output and input tax credit for the tailor what ok so here I will be have given the two to three dealer that is one in Hapur second one is this same why Ok in the Hype and third Dealers at that which is in Kolkata Na The exit which is in Hapur up supplies the goods services was rupees of 50000 ok so and similarly the supplier Koi ok dealer war with the price the same goods or services to the dealers in Kolkata with a profit of 20 thousand so here we have to find actually the output

for the dealer ok letter start with solution according to the question here the extra for the dealer can be written as ok taiyar all the for X dealer that is inter inter check transaction the SP for the dealer will be nothing but you want this 50000 will be added to the dealer at similarly if I will talk about 40 Le why Ok so whatever the body that will become a cost price 40 Le so here cost price for the dealer why will be nothing but 50000 rupees ok the transaction in between X and Y is going on the interested transaction ok which kind of transaction is there interest

transaction so because of that I will calculate hear the cgst and sgst ok so sweet GST on to this PP will be nothing but Hath na GST is given here that is 28% then it will be nothing but 14% and this 14 percentile calculator on to the city that is 50000 which will gives me the table 7000 as seriously as we know that cgst and sgst are help here the sgst will also become equal to 7000 rupees what are the HDFC NPS calculator this is nothing but input at 40 lover has here I can say that the input tag for dealer why Ok input as for what will be nothing but is equal to C

plus s that is 7000 + 7000 which will become is equal to 14002 Garden near have to calculate the output and slope to calculate the output tax what I will do here ok so here people see here we have given means this is CP ok now into this Kolkata there was a profit of 20 thousand OK what is given here the property in Kolkata is of 20,000 as we know that the SP is nothing but is equals to 3 + profit and CP Plus profit help the prop SP for Kolkata offer dealivore

become is equals to 50,000 ok + 20000 which will become is equals to 70000 now I will talk about Ford dealer ship in Z ok now let's talk about what is the Le Z father is the dealer Z there is the transaction of inter state transaction inter-state transaction and if it is inter-state transaction then here that GST which will be that is ideas ok that will be addressed and ideas t is equals to GST that is GST we have given 20% hence here there GST will also become 28 and 28% I will calculate on today's SP that is

70000 which will give me 200 will be get cancer adaptor multiplying this I will get 19006 hundred Rupees as the year and this it will be nothing but an output tax for the dealer why ok finally here I can say that the output text for dealer I will be nothing but is equal to 19600 rupees ok so here we found the input text 14000 autotech 19600 AK so here is a solution I hope you like this solution thank you

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