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Class 10






Chapterwise Revision Exercise


A dealer in Kanpur (U.P) suppl...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : Rs 8,260

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tell my dear students were given question is a dealer in Kanpur UP supplied good what rupees 5000 dealer in meerut the dealer dealer in Delhi at a profit of 2000 find the cost of good service in Delhi as per GST system the rate of GST for students understand this question property saying a dealer in Kanpur supplies good what rupees 5000 to dealer in Meerut to I can I can say Kanpur for ke Kanpur Tiller supplies 5000 5000 good to the dealer minut supplies the same good service to dealer in Delhi at profit to this mirror dealers supplies this good for piles

plus two thousand profit 2002 Delhi rights what is our Prophet I can write the total cost is I can write I can write cost for Delhi Delhi dealer is will be less 2012 to 7000 cleared up to now so now what they said find the cost good service daily as per GST system of GST rate percent how to find GST 18% on the 7000 it cost is equal to 7000 into 18

if I forget all this I can write the given equation 7000 into 950 ok to if father is called this what I will got this 101/102 cancel out Avenger 5 5 5 5 5 2014 to 2016 and what is the actual price 7000 therefore to tell cost of good after 7012 60 which is equal to 1200

ok students thank you

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