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Class 10






Gst [goods And Services Tax]


A dealer in Agra (U.P.) suppli...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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student letter start with equation here we have to dealer in Agra UP of what is 1280 Le in Jhansi ok the dealer in the same good student in the art of 100 that the dealer in Mumbai is at the end of the product and the rate of GST 12% then find the net GST payable by the dealer in Jhansi is in the Agra ok with the client for the rupees of 1000 at the HP means selling price for Agra will be gum is equal to selling price for Agra will become is equal to 1000 rupees ok Allah

Jila to the Mumbai at a profit of 600 ok it means that if the cost price of cost price for Jhansi for the dealer in jaati price for dealer in Jhansi will be come in Jhansi will be how much that is this 1000 ok plus 600 profit which will be goes to 1500 to 1600 will become the cost price for the deal OK what is this year are here it is asked to calculate the net GST payable to calculate age

happy calculate the input text and their to calculate the output text and if I will add that to both of you that will be used to calculate tax ok for Jhansi will become nothing will be on today for the ok in the form of GST that is 12% ok now we know that having the two types and we have given it is 12% hence pay GST will become pics person and sgst will be so here I have to calculate the cgst and sgst will be come is equals to 60% on to the

so which will be kam is equal to person in 200 ok I am sorry 1362 Rs 500 to 1000 which will be is equals to learn similarly sgst will also become is equal to Sector 100 to 1000 will be is equal to 60 so I will ok input tax payable by the dinning will become is equal to 60 + will be nothing but is equal to 120 ok so here I got the input text as 123 I will calculate output and so what would be the output at ok output tax is nothing but It Act which influence on to the speed so here we have already calculated that DP

1602 hear what are the 12% of GST on City ok so here it will become 1202 CP is 1600 display will be get cancer and here I will get 12 x 16 will be nothing but is equals to 192 so this is what we have got output but it is asked to calculate the net GST ok Sonet GST will become is equals to input ok input text + output input as we have calculated that is one 20 rupees + output is 192 it will become is equal to 312 rupees OK so the net for this all the days or net

GST that pay well battery dealer in Jhansi will be nothing but 312 rupees so here is the solution I hope you like it solution thank you

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