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Class 10






Gst [goods And Services Tax]


A dealer in Agra (U.P.) suppli...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello student letter start with a question here we have to eat at dealer in Agra UP supplies a good service Baat rupees of 1000 to 80 Le in Jhansi UP the dealer in Jhansi supplies dasvin good service dealer in Mumbai at a profit of 600 assume that the dealer in the Mumbai is the and use the product and the rate of GST 12% find the input tax was the dealer in Jhansi ok for this letter start now here we have your in Ada dealer in Agra UP supplying a go to a purpose of 1000 ke and similarly there is a dealer in Jhansi UP which supplying the good for the page of 600 and in Mumbai there is the end user with influencing the GST of 12%

Nair we have to calculate the input tag for the dealer in Jhansi that was to fall I have to calculate GST in Agra to the ESP in Agra to whatever will be the price that is this SBI in Agra is nothing but is supplying goods services or repeat that is 1000 which is given to us ok so here is Peene Agra will become 1000 it is given to us GST on it ok so beautiful gift is fall into two categories ok GST sorry fall into two categories one is DFT and another is it is 12% then

percent most richest and big person will be for SKG I will calculate here the cgst that will be nothing but is equals to 1 per cent of the selling price ok that is SP in Agra which will be completely divide 600 into 1000 which will be come is equal to ok similarly if I will play the sgst on the selling price that is 6% $620 to become is equal to rupees ok and this much rupees is 1 by the Chhati OK what will be a this total deal is going on with her and the dealer in Jhansi supplying the good ok so this much rupees of tax having paid by this just

so here I can say that the input ok but I can say here I can say that the input tag for Jhansi for input text for Jhansi will be come is equals to display the GST that is strictly rupees + sjc 62 120 ok so input tax 40 Ninja it will be of 120 rupees ok so here is the solution I hope you like it solution thank you

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